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Trying Google Page Speed Service

I just began running my quotation site on Google’s Page Speed Service. This is a new service Google offers to website owners. It makes their sites load faster. Two primary techniques they employ to accomplish this are:

  • rewriting your served content to employ some best practice speed-ups
  • caching some of your content on Google’s super fast servers.

My site is dramatically faster, even though I’d already applied all the easiest optimizations.

Setup was pretty easy. Just a handful of dns tweaks. The only snag I hit was in the third step. They asked me to create a txt dns record. I was naming mine incorrectly. The name of this txt record must be your domain name. So in my case, it should be quotationcollection.com. I was trying to use google-site-verification.quotationcollection.com. So don’t make that mistake.

If you host a website, I encourage you to check out this service. At least run a test to see what you can gain.

So far I’m very pleased. Stay tuned to see how I feel when they stop offering it for free.

Full disclosure: I am a Google shareholder. I also use dozens of their products and services including adsense and referrals.