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Me My name is Eric Napier, and I’m always trying to improve.  In my quest for improvement, I often learn things that could be useful for others.  This site is a place for me to share those things.

I have several aims for this site.  I hope people find helpful information here.  It’s also a place where I can offer some thoughts and get feedback from others.  Finally, it’s a home for some lessons I’ve learned and want to pass on to my children.

My interests are many and diverse.  You’ll find thoughts about investing, science, software development, self improvement, fitness, economics, personal finance, barbecuing, freedom, writing, sports, and who knows what else.  So much for aiming at a niche.

By the way, if you like quotes, you should check out my collection.  I guarantee you’ll find something you like.

Thanks for coming by.  I hope you find something helpful.