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Dale Carnegie Course Review – Session 4

At the fourth Carnegie session, we learned several techniques for managing stress.  I won’t list them all, but some that stuck with me were:

  • Keep busy
  • Pray
  • Don’t fuss about trifles
  • Count your blessings

An important principle common throughout was the need to focus your attention and energy on those items which you can affect in a positive way.

We each made a two minute speech about how we have applied the Carnegie lessons so far.  For this speech, we applied the persuasion ‘magic formula’.  This consists of:

  1. Beginning with a story that sets the scene – i.e. ‘There I was…’
  2. Relating the situation to your audience’s – i.e. ‘If you will…’
  3. Explaining the benefit – i.e. ‘The benefit will be…’

I found this formula helpful, and I expect to use it going forward.

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