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Dale Carnegie Course Review – Session 11

In session eleven of the Carnegie course we worked on inspiring others.  We each recounted an incident where we’ve used Carnegie’s human relationship principles.  We used the persuasion magic formula (there I was, if you will x, the benefit will be y) to describe the incident, how we handled it, and what our classmates can learn from it.

In the second half of the class, we each told a story about a person or incident from our personal lives that inspired us.

Carnegie Session 10

Carnegie Session 12

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  • Dave Ross March 7, 2012, 12:04 pm

    I am a 1981 Dale Carnegie graduate, and on October 19, 1981 I received a Human Relations award in session 11B. The award was the book, “Lincoln The Unknown”.
    I layed the book away until recently. Today I finished reading the book and would you believe it took me 31 years to accomplish this?! I am sure Dale is elated but wondering why it took me so long. 🙂 Whoever reads this message; please do not put off today what you can do tomorrow. Tomorrow took me 31 years! Stay positive, live for the moment, and never ever give up!
    We press on….Dave

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