Dell Latitude Slowed by Low Power

by Eric on April 24, 2014

I recently experienced poor (slow) performance from a brand new Dell Latitude laptop. I googled and googled and couldn’t find the answer, but our IT department knew the problem. I’m writing it up here so maybe some other lonely soul experiencing it can arrive here via google.

I recently got a new Dell Latitude at work. I immediately noticed something was wrong. Whenever I docked it the speed dropped noticeably. Something wrong with the graphics? Any kind of drawing to the screen was choppy. Maybe it’s network related? Any network requests took dramatically longer than normal. It actually seemed like it was slower on every kind of task.

When I undocked it would be back to normal. My docking station is 6 years old; maybe it wasn’t as compatible as advertised.

I found a few promising hits on google that suggested it might be underclocking the CPU when docked. They suggested it was some kind of ventilation and heat problem, and the machine’s way of handling that was dialing back the processor speed. That sounded iffy to me. Furthermore, Task Manager showed my CPU usage was very low.

Defeated, I filed a help desk ticket. In 15 minutes our world class IT department replaced my old 65 watt power supply (which worked fine on my older notebook machines) with a new higher power supply (I think it’s 100 watts). Problem solved.

In summary: if you’re experiencing lagging performance from your Dell notebook, check if your power supply is underpowered.


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I’m always optimizing my credit card cashback rewards. I figured, “As long as I’m putting in the effort to stay on top of these credit card bonuses, why don’t I publish my findings for others to benefit?” So that’s what I’ll do at I’ll be sharing various hacks, reviews, and commentary on the offers available from the best cards. So if you’re interested in ringing a bit more cash from your cashback cards, check out my newest project:


Trying Google Page Speed Service

August 4, 2011

I just began running my quotation site on Google’s Page Speed Service. This is a new service Google offers to website owners. It makes their sites load faster. Two primary techniques they employ to accomplish this are: rewriting your served content to employ some best practice speed-ups caching some of your content on Google’s super fast […]

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Here we go again

March 21, 2011

Libya’s on fire; we attacked it. With no declaration the Prez acted. Constitutional concern? Who cares? Let it burn. Cause the bracket has us all so distracted.

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Transportation Danger Administration

November 19, 2010

Everyone’s angry at the TSA about the new airport search procedures. I don’t like it either. I normally prefer to argue from principle, but every freedom loving writer in America has that covered this time. So instead I’ll take a pragmatic angle that I haven’t heard yet. How many people are now choosing automobiles over […]

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Restart Now

November 1, 2010

Guess I’ll go for ‘Now’.

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Who is Worthy of Your Attention

October 6, 2010

Your attention is a precious resource. Many people want some of it. They want to persuade you to adopt an opinion; they want to sell you something; they want to entertain you (long enough to sell you something). Many of the people vying for your attention are professional, highly trained, highly skilled persuaders. Some have […]

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What’s your excuse?

August 5, 2010

Just can’t seem to find time to exercise?

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My MD5 Hash Generator

June 20, 2010

I recently finished my latest web project. It’s an MD5 hash generator. It’s nothing fancy – just a quick and dirty MD5. But if you need something one way hashed, it will do the trick for you. I need to build some links so it will rank on GOOG. I also need to add some […]

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Ways to Spend Money

June 4, 2010

Every time I spend money, I try to mentally place the expense in one of five categories. Those categories are: Helping myself and my family Helping other people Needs and material comforts Memory creation (experiences) Waste Some expenses don’t categorize neatly. It’s not an air tight system. It’s just a useful way for me to […]

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