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Walter Williams on Economic Liberty

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  • Gabriel January 23, 2018, 7:29 pm

    I don`t know much about political issues, and I`m only sharing a layman`s opinion on a subject that involves a wide, and deep range of social issues. 1st I`m not a fan of the government. I think it`s just a platform for wealth for those who run it. It seems to me that politics prey on “selective freedom.“ That is freedom for their social class. So the rich lobby for less checks and balances, and the poor try to guarantee their slice of the pie through government spending. Of course the middle ground would be avoiding abuses in either side. But, that never happens each party just takes their turn at milking the system. I think partially this happens because we have been one over by a over simplified secular view of the world, and life itself. We preach morals we don`t have, and we rely on our own definition of right or wrong. And this loss of values is happening at a incredible rate. Today Oprah is the Queen of reason, Bill Gates is the father of the poor, and John Lennon the angel of freedom. If it were up to the government we would all be eating chips, and watching MTV.

  • Gabriel January 30, 2018, 4:58 pm

    I`m really sorry about my comment, I think we shouldn`t interfere with people`s freewill specially of Oprah`s, however funny that may sound. Besides that as citizens we should push for improvements while upholding respect for authority, and law. I`m very sorry ..

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